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The EARTH neuroscience language WARS. the Europe problems, the code word – people

RD-blog-number-6457 by Herb Zinser reviews the George Orwell neuroscience  LANGUAGE messages ……       and Nature’s  expression systems   …. the George Orwell EXTERNAL book messages  are related to Nature’s INTERNAL     acetylcholine  molecule   and its molecular  social engineering THOUGHT  SYSTEM…


The EARTH geography surface …. sand electron circuit surface wars …. copper atomic military code…. DEATH Route 29 – OHMS LAW of Virginia

Rd-blog-number-6988 by Herb Zinser covers many things …at the end we shall outline the EARTH atmosphere and it’s LANGUAGE influence upon the EARTH geography surface .. earth ground/soil / land is composed of atoms/electron …thus we can think of the EARTH surface ..as…